A new (R)evolution in the cleaning of medical devices

Cleaning medical instruments in the medical industry is often a compromise. The ultimate goal of infection prevention activities are to minimize the risk of infection before it can happen.

Reusable surgical tools must be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated before they can be successfully sterilized. 

These reprocessing steps are extremely crucial, so the capabilities, quality and performance of reprocessing equipment such as washer disinfectors are critical for patient safety. The product must be specifically designed to clean and disinfect instruments.

The key question always is: is it really clean? 

Never say ultrasonic to each ultrasonic cleaning device

Many differences exist.

Ultrasonic cleaning is good, but not (always) good enough. This applies especially for hospitals using ultrasonic devices to pre-clean surgical instruments. 
We experienced this firsthand when we started UltraZonic Med technology in 2013. 

We develop innovative products and technologies for ultrasonic cleaning, which hasn’t seen much development over the past 50 years. Currently, new approaches are being developed, like frequency modulation, skimming, sweep etc. 


Never say ultrasonic to each ultrasonic cleaning device

About our company

We are a Belgian-based hi-tech R&D and manufacturing company specialized in infection control technologies

Surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes need a professional focus to  avoid cross-contamination; that is UltraZonic’s core-business. 

Our team has gained vast experience in the medical sector over the past ten years. We constantly focus on research & development in the technical and medical field to ensure innovative solutions. 

Know how & passion

Our experience allows an interdisciplinary approach to projects, integrating solutions while considering commercial aspects.

High level expertise

With an experienced team of experts, we take decontamination very seriously, taking this to the next level with our solutions.

Service 24/7

Patient care is beyond “from nine-to-five”. That is why we guarantee 24/7 service and technical support.

Unique technology

Years of research and professional know-how have produced a high-end technology, adaptable to every hospital.