A new (r)evolution in endoscope cleaning

As a technician, doctor, infection control specialist or other healthcare professional using endoscopes, guaranteeing a clean endoscope is a major challenge. 

The complexity of flexible endoscopes requires extra attention and accuracy when cleaning.

Take responsibility, and ensure instruments are cleaned precisely.
Every cleaning step must be observed before high-level disinfection.

Our device finally makes cleaning an easy and controlled process. 


UltraZonic is a Belgian-based hi-tech R&D and manufacturing company specialized in infection control technologies. 

Surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes need a professional focus to avoid cross-contamination.

Our team has gained vast experience in the medical sector over the past ten years. We constantly focus on research & development in the technical and medical field to ensure innovative solutions. 


Know how & passion

Our experience allows an interdisciplinary approach to projects, integrating solutions while considering commercial aspects.

High level expertise

With an experienced team of experts, we take decontamination very seriously, taking this to the next level with our solutions.

Unique technology

Years of research and professional know-how have produced a high-end technology, adaptable to every hospital.

Service 24/7

Patient care is beyond “from nine-to-five”. That is why we guarantee 24/7 service and technical support.