1. About UltraZonic Endo

Having control on every cleaning step is a godsend solution.

Washer disinfectors with high level disinfection program are necessary but are not magic at all!

Our focus is to help and support endoscopy platforms with our semi-automatic cleaning device to avoid biofilm and bioburden and to push patient safety to a higher level.

2. The semi-automatic system

It’s very important to have a manual cleaning on a reproducible way while leakage testing, channel rinsing with water and chemistry, channel brushing has to be done.

3. Traceability

With the smart sink of UltraZonic ENDO, you will have all control during the (pre) cleaning procedure. With RFID or barcode scanner, the smart sink will recognize the endoscope but also the difficulties and channel complexity of the endoscope.

He will store all details like pressure during leakage test, flow channel rinsing, contact time of chemistry etc.

4. About biofilms

Biofilms are groups or “communities” of microorganisms that develop on surfaces. A protective matrix composed of polymers is produced by the microorganisms and enables their adhesion to surfaces. Biofilms are generally composed of bacteria, yeast or mold of different types. Biofilm is the preferred form of existence for bacteria in nature where an estimated 90% of bacteria exist in the form of a biofilm.

In the hospital environment, biofilms have often been found to protect such pathogens as Pseudomonas spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella spp. and Candida spp.



Staphylococcus aureus biofilm                          Biofilm on instrument

The contact time between microorganisms and the surface of medical devices is a critical factor in the development of biofilms. The biofilm development cycle commences as soon as bacteria are in the favorable conditions for biofilm growth; a surface to attach to, ambient temperature, sufficient humidity and nutriments.

Inside the biofilm structure, pathogens are protected and far better equipped to resist high-level disinfection of medical devices.

Allowing biofilm to develop on endoscopes is a significant risk for patient-to-patient contamination !!